Shakespeare in the Metaverse

A project built in collaboration with Departure Lounge and Kreis Immersive. The goal was to showcase Volumetric Capture technology through an experience based in the world of Shakespeare, bringing it "into the metaverse". We implemented a VR game that allows the user to step into the shoes of Macbeth characters, all with real actor performances and an immersive "Stand-In Acting" feature.



  • Lead Unity Developer, XR Designer, Co-Project Manager



  • Lead the development side of the project (mentoring another developer and collaborating with a technical artist)

  • Co-developed a Unity technical pipeline that utilizes XR Interaction Toolkit

  • Designed an efficient software architecture for the application with Scriptable Objects

  • Integrated a holographic video library that plays volumetric videos captured using Metastage

  • Set up and maintained the technical pipeline and a Kanban board as a Co-PM

  • Mentored another developer and served the entire team by removing blockers, assigning concrete taskskeeping team members on task, and providing support

  • Was a key contributor to creative ideation, utilizing my game design and XR design experience

  • Translated design goals to technical requirements

  • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team (PM, development, UX/UI, creative director, technical artist/3D designer)

  • Planning to implement an elegant state machine system to keep track of the state of the game, set up VR object interaction, integrate 3D UI, implement level transitions, set up Quest 2 deployment pipeline, integrate a voice detection feature, record and import MoCap data

Future Plan

  • Implementing an elegant state machine system to keep track of the state of the game

  • Setting up VR object interaction and UI

  • Setting up Quest 2 deployment pipeline

  • Integrating a voice detection feature

  • Recording and importing MoCap data


  • Learning how to work with Volumetric Capture technology

  • Deepening my Unity skills and experience (Scriptable Objects, best practices, state machine system, fluid and smooth VR interactions)

  • How to lead and manage a technical pipeline with another developer and a technical artist

  • Learning to serve the team better as a project manager through proactivity, clarity, availability, accountability as well as processes and pipelines