Visual Gait Lab

Visual Gait Lab helps neuroscientists carry out machine learning-based gait analysis in a more streamlined and intuitive way. The project involved building a desktop software for Windows that leverages a deep learning library used for scientific analysis. Along with my colleagues, we published a paper into the Journal of Neuroscience about VGL.



  • Solo .NET Programmer/Developer, and UX/UI Designer


  • Designed and built a C# .NET application with an installer for the purpose of scientific analysis

  • Integrated a deep learning framework into the application

  • Implemented a set of scientific tools employing 2D math

  • Translated scientific goals to design and tech requirements

  • Streamlined a complicated workflow and made it accessible to non-technical personnel

  • Conducting user testing with experts, gathered information to facilitate improvements

  • Learned new skills quickly (WPF framework with XAML & C#) in parallel with ongoing work

  • Co-authored a paper about VGL published in the Journal of Neuroscience

  • Onboarded my successor and wrote documentation for the project

  • Deployed and maintained the project so that it could be used by the scientific community long-term


  • Communication with non-technical users directly to simplify a workflow for them

  • Getting familiar with an external codebase and how to adopt it for a custom purpose

  • Insights into publishing a method paper into a major journal

  • Learning to implement a user-centred project and file system within an application (Win10)