The Fall of Angelia

The land of Angelia has been invaded by evil forces and only you can stop them! The game is a 2D platformer where the player uses complementary magical powers to defeat monsters in interesting and treacherous locations. It was a semester-long collaborative project built for a Game Design course (part of my Master's program).



  • Lead Developer and Game Designer (Unreal Engine 4)



  • Implemented trigger-based AI, player character, enemy characters, detection system, controls, UI, and combat system

  • Play-tested the game and iterated on its gameplay systems with the team

  • Combined C++ and Blueprint implementation for characters and projectiles

  • Collaborated on a multidisciplinary team

  • Designed all levels based on input from the team

  • Co-designed the core combat mechanic (complementary elemental magic)

  • Translated game design concepts to technical and artistic requirements for the team

  • Directed art and design asset creation

  • Co-wrote the game's design document

  • Mentored my team on game design and development (as the person who had most experience in those areas)


  • Unreal Engine game development knowledge, including building and packaging a full game, Projectiles, Collisions, Triggers, Basic Physics, Player Character, Pawns, Actors, Audio, Flipbooks, Sprites, Spawning, and UI

  • Insights into how to use C++ and Blueprints together

  • Gameplay insights for 2D platformers and their implementation

  • Learning the importance of play-testing and balancing a game