Ride of Migration

A short story-focused game built for a graduate class. A team of space cowboy environmentalists ventures out into the galaxy to protect Astrids (space whales) from nefarious pirates and their attacks. The focus was on immersing the player in a captivating sci-fi story while offering compelling interactive sequences.



  • Unreal Engine 5 Developer, Game Designer, and Environment Artist


Contribution (So Far)

  • Set up a compelling sci-fi backdrop using orbiting Nanite asteroids, a rotating planet, a skybox, and a Post-Process Volume

  • Implemented a stationary turret shooting mechanic

  • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team on ideation and game design

  • Built both a Zero-G and a traditional FPS movement system for the player

  • Currently integrating a visible body and walking animations (Ready Player Me, Mixamo) using Animation Blendspaces and Blueprints 

  • Following best practices in terms of combining C++ and Blueprint

  • Learning new skills and employing them in parallel with ongoing work

Future Plan

  • Implementing a custom turret UI

  • Adding an RPG-like dialogue interaction system for characters

  • Creating a shooting gallery sequence with AI opponent behavior (Behavior Trees, Blackboards)



  • Best practices on combining C++ and Blueprints

  • Building a turret sequence in UE5

  • Designing and implementing AI using BehaviorTrees and Blackboards

  • Unreal Engine 5 skills & concepts (Post-Process Volume, Fog, Atmosphere, Game State)

  • UE5 design patterns for a single player FPS experience