Robo Designer

A reserach project that revolved around Human-Robot Interaction. My task was to develop a VR game-like application for Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 that would allow researchers to embody a robot. This setup would then allow them to observe impacts of robot behavior. The project was part of seasonal work I did for University of Calgary's Human-Computer Interactions Lab.



  • Solo Unity C# Developer and Game Designer



  • Designed specialized VR interactions for a research application (embodying, possessing, and controlling a robot as a human user)

  • Integrated XR Interaction Toolkit for VR/Quest 2 interactions

  • Implemented the application's UI, controls, possession mechanics, custom VR camera transitions, VR movement recording, and a typing terminal

  • Integrated a whiteboard feature, multiplayer avatarscontinuous locomotion, teleportation locomotion, IK VR body, and VR hands

  • Built the application's environment using external assets

  • Set up realtime networking and voice chat with Photon PUN 2 for up to 6 players/users

  • Translated scientific goals to technical and design requirements



  • Learning basics of game development in Unity with C# (Singleton pattern, Prefabs, Events, Monobehavior, Physics components, Colliders, Triggers, Input, Canvas, asset import, basic Materials)

  • Application of XR Interaction Toolkit for VR development

  • Learning how to use Photon PUN 2 to create a networked, game-like project

  • Tackling an interesting design problem (how can a human embody a robot through VR)