HoloLens AV Testbed

This student research project aimed to investigate whether using HoloLens gen. 1 was a suitable headset to study (research purposes) interaction between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles. Studies in this area require a significant amount of overhead and present safety concerns. Using a 3d virtual vehicle on a real road could alleviate many of these.



  • Solo Unity developer (C#)



  • Built a simple Unity research application that puts a life-sized car in front of the user & approaches them

  • Integrated Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit to use HoloLens in our application

  • Got familiar with and tested limits of HoloLens gen. 1 as a form-factor for a scientific purpose

  • Wrote a paper summarizing our research findings for the suggested design method


  • Learned basics of Unity development with C#

  • Insights into how to approach a design problem from the perspective of research

  • Learning more about how to share and present relevant findings about a technology

  • Basics of video editing