My Resume


Experience and Education


Chief Technology Officer

Jan 2018 - Dec 2020

Building ivy from ground up with the team gave me:

  • invaluable lessons in leadership and in working with people of different personalities & skillsets

  • real-world experience creating a digital product for multiple platforms while being fully responsible for all parts of the process

  • ability to wear multiple hats & care for the product beyond pure development (UX design, graphic design, business strategy, marketing, branding, content creation, etc.)

ivy made me realize how much I love creation of digital products, and cemented the belief that it is the right direction for my career. To see the project in detail click here. For ivy's website click here.


Software Developer / Lab Technician

Apr 2019 - Nov 2020

While working solo for Whelanlab I:

  • gained experience in developing software based on user specifications (close to client-contractor relationship)

  • came up with a novel solution that makes a complicated machine learning tool easy to use

  • published a paper into the Journal of Neuroscience Methods together with other lab members

Developing VisualGaitLab pushed my boundaries when it comes to combining the technical and the creative. ​See VisualGaitLab Website, or click here for the project page.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Sept 2016 - Apr 2021

The education at the University of Calgary provided me with:

  • a comprehensive basis of the modern field of Computer Science through practical projects as well as theoretical knowledge

  • exploration of relevant multidisciplinary areas including human-computer interaction, video game development, and business

My confidence in my ability to solve computational problems and create great digital products is firmly grounded in these two outcomes. See my Porfolio for more.

Relevant Courses with Projects:

  • Games Programming - 3D arena car game built without an engine

  • Design of Mixed Reality Apps - VR game

  • Introduction to Information Visualization - US avocado online data visualization

  • Research Project in Human-Computer Interaction - HoloLens research project

  • Design and Implementation of Database Systems - machine learning powered webscraper desktop app for student-relevant events

  • iOS Programming - augmented reality art hunt iOS app

  • Database Management Systems - event database Android app

  • Human-Computer Interaction 1 - Android fitness tracker w/ visual keyboard

  • Computing Machinery 2 - Assembly Arkanoid on Rasp. Pie

  • Introduction to Computer Science 2 - 2D space shooter desktop game (Java)


Programming Languages




C++ & C










Software, Tools and IDEs

Android Studio


Visual Studio




Affinity Designer

Unreal Engine



Adobe XD


Google Firebase

3 dots = high proficiency (used heavily)
2 dots = medium proficiency (used extensively)
1 dot = basic understanding (know my way around but would need to catch up on a project)


Awards and Competitions

Calgary Hacks 2019

1st Place

Calgary's largest hackathon. We won by creating a simple Android app that shows relevant road incidents for drivers. Drivers can easily see what's going on and report any incidents via Google Assistant interface. Eg. "Hey Google, there is an accident in front of me." link

Hack Mobile 2018

2nd Place

A mobile hackathon organized by SozenTech. We created a prototype of a user-friendly response collecting app for the purpose of psychological research.