Space Shooter


This was my first major project in university. Together with a team of other freshmen we made a 2D desktop shooter from scratch in Java. I was mostly responsible for the graphics and the animations because there I could impact the user experience the most. This project got me acquainted with good practices in software development and provided a vertical slice into how games are made.


Roles & Reponsibilities

Java Developer

Sprite Creator


Project Video

The game featured one map, several enemy types, two types of weaponry and free movement. The goal was to surpass past attempts in score.


What I've Learned

& How it Fits into My Story

The significance of this project stems from introducing me into professional grade software development. We followed good design practices and tested thoroughly. I also learned how animations work in a 2D game (being responsible for them) and how 2D games are set up in general.

Software Development Practices

Through this project I gained understanding of OOP and the "good" practices relating to classes, objects, methods, inheritance, encapsulation, overloading, etc.

2D Game Structure

I learned how to set up a structure for a 2D game and how its components interact. In addition, I made and animated basic sprites to bring the gameplay to life.



App Development

Android and iOS

Desktop Development

Windows Applications

UX Design

Game Development

OpenGL, Unity, Unreal, Blender