In Camera

A Master's Degree industry project that involved building specialized VFX for a virtual play staged by Vancouver's Realwheels Theatre. As part of a multidisciplinary team I built an Unreal Engine 5 application that supported the production of "In Camera" - a modern take on Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit satirizing the COVID-19 pandemic and its constant Zoom calls.



  • Lead Unreal Engine 5 Developer, Technical Artist, and Production Support



  • Used Unreal's tools to create a suite of visual effects (transformations, physics, projectile movement, collisions, triggers, etc.)

  • Set up a control scheme for customized effect triggering

  • Built an Unreal Engine 5 VFX pipeline for the effects to be triggered in the right way & order

  • Used the Material Editor to create a bubble distortion effect

  • Iterated on the pipeline based on changing requirements and anticipated use-cases

  • Integrated additional (fluid) effects from a 3D artist on our team

  • Collaborated in a multidisciplinary team to deliver a product to an industry client

  • Managed and took ownership of the technical side of the project

  • Coordinated with the production team and the director to align the application and the effects with the play's creative vision

  • Learned new skills to remain responsive to project needs


  • Acquiring further Unreal Engine skills & knowledge (Material Editor, green screen chroma keying, virtual cameras, 3D effects, using Quixel Bridge assets, etc.)

  • Gaining insights into VFX creation and pipelines

  • Leading the technical department as part of a multidisciplinary team

  • Learning basics of video editing with DaVinci Resolve

Sorry, no content here, I'm not allowed to show stuff yet :-(. Check out the play's website in the meantime.