HoloLens AV-Pedestrian Interaction


A research project that involved creating a believable experience for study participants who would see a virtual car approach on a real road. I worked on it mostly solo, with assistance from another student.


Project Video



Unity Developer

C# - Mixed Reality Toolkit

Gained medium proficiency in Unity & basic understanding of MRTK.

I used Unity to create a testbed that had a virtual car approach in a Microsoft HoloLens application. It involved using C# programming to have the headset identify a real ground surface (road), create a virtual invisible plane on it, and have a car model approach. I learned some valuable lessons when it comes to mixing real and virtual objects, as well as what using this type of technology for novel experiences is like. In the interest of exploring this new method I also had to evaluate the testbed and write a paper. In addition, this project marks the starting point of my desire to develop games.