Fitness Tackler


The center of attention in this app was the user experience. I worked on the project with other students, in a team. Our objective was to simplify tracking for gym workouts.


Project Video

A full app walkthrough. The highlights are the minimalistic collapsing menus, auto-suggestions for exercises and most importantly the novel visual keyboard approach.



Android Developer

C# - Xamarin

Basic understanding of non-native Android development.

UX/UI Designer


Learned how to make low and high fidelity mock-ups.

We dissected the UX of the most popular gym workout tracking apps on the market (late 2018) and tried to create something better. In particular, we focused on collapsing menus instead of presenting a large amount of different screens. I was also particularly proud of my idea to create the equipment keyboard for weight tracking. Unlike other groups in our class we actually built a functioning prototype for Android (non-natively using Xamarin), my responsibility being to code the keyboard. I learned basics of UX, and how to work with other UX designers.