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Week 02


Second week of our project was a lot of ups and downs in terms of our individual and team's perspective of the project because we were still lacking of a clear vision from client about what the play would look like and the end-result expectations.

But we decided to take some initiative and created a Creative Proposal as a first draft of the type of visual effects we think can be done from our side in terms of the creative and technical aspect of each effect. Robert tested some basic features made in Unreal for our zoom windows and Larysa draw some layouts for possible camera set ups to capture the different effects.

Also, we did a team building activity conducted by Brenda called Journey Lines where we draw our professional background and high and low points which became very interesting for getting to know each other a bit better and find similarities among us in things we couldn't imagine.

Everyone on has some type of engineering background, wait...what?

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