Student Event Scraper


An application that scrapes several event websites, uses machine learning to decide which ones are relevant to students, and displays them. I worked on it solo.


Project Screenshot

Each event scraped has its link listed with a "YES" or "NO" to indicate whether it's relevant to students.



.NET Developer

C# - WPF

Further honed existing C# and .NET skills.

Machine Learning

Python - Tensorflow

Created a dataset, trained a neural network, and programmed a simple recommendation engine.

Web Scraping

Python - BeautifulSoup

Had to extract relevant information from websites using a web scraping library.

The project involved coding a web scraper that pulls event data from several event websites and feeds them to a trained neural network. The network decides which of the scraped events are relevant to students and which are not. The link to and the relevancy to students of each event is then shown in the application window. I learned how to integrate several different types of scripts. I also had to create my own dataset, clean it up, and train my own neural network.